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I really enjoyed the day (apart from the rain). The areas you covered on the course were perfect giving me the confidence back which I lost last year to a bike accident. The feedback and photos are excellent, telling and showing me the areas where I need to improve. I am so pleased with the progress I made over the day and now being a more relaxed bike ridier with a big smile rather then a face of fear. Thank you. Amy
a more relaxed bike ridier with a big smile rather then a face of fear

(LV 1) 

These Mountain Bike Skills Courses will introduce and reinforce the core skills that are required to get the most out of your mountain biking.

These courses are ideal for the complete novice or those who wish to progress their riding.

Our aims are to enable the participant, to ride more technically demanding terrain in a safer / controlled manner.

Cost of Course £79


These Mountain Bike Skills Courses build on the skills and techniques learned from the Beginners Skills Course.

You will be riding more challenging / technical terrain and covering more advanced skills.

On this course we will cover – Trackstands, bunny hops, power assisted front wheel lifts, rear wheel lifts, manuals, drop-offs etc.

Cost of Course £79

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These mountain bike skills courses will be structured to the needs of the individual or group. Focusing on your specific needs, they have been used to great effect, with participants of all abilities and fitness levels.

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