Thank you very much for getting in touch and forwarding photos. I really enjoyed the day. I learned loads and would like to do more. You are an excellent teacher.

An Excellent Teacher

Thanks for the day, I had a really good time and learnt an awful lot.
I liked how you got the balance between the theory of teaching the skills and then putting them into practice on some interesting trails. I felt I definitely improved and hope to get out more on my bike after that.

Thanks again, Ian

I had a really good time and learnt an awful lot.

Thank you for today and for sending through those photos – Is that
really me?! My kids will think there has been some clever photo
editing! I really enjoyed the day and feel I got loads out of it. I can’t wait
to get practising some more descents and little jumps, and just hope I
can remember all the tips and advice you gave. Hopefully in the not-too- distant future I’ll be able to book an ‘intermediate’ day with you!

Many thanks again,


My kids will think there has been some clever photo editing!

A really big thank you again for the day. I felt very privileged to have the one to one tutoring – pure chance I know, but a great advantage. I really did feel that I have gained a far better insight into what I should be doing [I will be waking in the small hours shouting the mantra ‘ Look ahead !!’] and it has given me a lot more confidence in my approach. All credit to you for your patience and very subtle prods in pushing the envelope – breaking down at least some of my innate reservations. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you – hopefully Andrew will be in touch soon and in time I will be back with a bit more lead in my MTB pencil!

Thanks again – I am looking forward to trying some of the routes in the book over the summer.

Best wishes

Phil Schofield

I felt very privileged to have the one to one tutoring

Thanks for the course! Really cool montage photo too :) It was great to learn some new techniques and to push myself to do things I would of otherwise just skipped or walked. Also giving me the confidence to try some of those small jumps was great fun and I’m sure I’ll trying it a lot more on the trails around and about Leeds this week :)
Thanks for the comments as well, I’ll keep them in mind especially keeping a bit further back on the steeper bits as I think it will improve my speed and confidence on the descents.
Thanks again for a great course.


Really cool montage photo too :)